European RCE Network Meeting – October ’22

On 2022 October 10-13, we organized an interactive three days meeting with regional, national and European educators, under the theme ‘Greater than the Sum of the Parts; Strengthening the European RCE Network for ESD‘. The conference was intense, energetic and productive. The final day ended with an excursion to the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Read the recap of this meeting here.

Below you find the outcomes of this meeting, the presentations that were given throughout the three days meeting, the posters the RCE members presented and a gallery of pictures, offering an impression of the interactive and diverse sessions.

We are looking forward to meet you on our next voyage! Betsy King & Kirsten Leask (RCE Scotland), Detlev Lindau-Bank (RCE Oldenburg Munsterland), Miki Konishi, Kozue Tatsuhara & Philip Vaughter (RCE Service Centre) and Max Eisenbart & Heleentje Swart (SPARK RCE Fryslân).


During the European RCE Meeting six action lines were formed, around the following themes:

• Inclusivity & Diversity• Learning & Action
• Pedagogy & Toolkit• Youth & Co-creation
• Research & Quality• Sub-networks

Read more about the outcomes here.


(Re)watch the presentations that were shown throughout the meeting:

Welcome in Fryslân
For more information about our region:
Broad prosperity for the Blue Delta region
For more information about our cooperation with companies:
Video: The Wind of Circular Change is coming from the North
For more information about our cooperation with schools:
Video: SPARK the Movement Approach
Maximilian Eisenbart and Heleentje Swart (RCE Fryslân)

> Full program of the European RCE Meeting 2022

History of our RCE Network
Betsy King (regional advisor European RCE Network)
Scientific research on local and global solutions
Piet Bouma & Emma Folmer (Campus Fryslân)
RCE updates: 2021-2022 Global RCE Service Centre
Philip Vaughter (UNU-IAS)
EMBARKING: scanning the trends, challenges and opportunities & Out on an Open Sea
Kirsten Leask (RCE Scotland)
The Whole School Approach
Jans Helmers (Aeres MBO Leeuwarden)
Designing games for good
Tim Laning (Grendel Games)
Towards Transformative Learning environments in the Blue Delta
Menno Wierdsma (Friesland College)
ESD for 2030
Bernhard Combes (UNESCO)

RCE Posters

The following RCEs made posters representing the focus and organisation of their centre of expertise:
RCE Czechia
RCE Bretagne
RCE Dublin
RCE Scotland
RCE Fryslân