Structurally connecting tertiary education & outside partners’

RUG Campus Fryslan • Fenna de Jong, Marjolein Alberts, Kirsi Hauser
Partnerschap om doelstellingen te bereiken

Tweedejaars studenten van RUG/ Campus Fryslan voeren als standaard onderdeel van het curriculum een half jaar onderzoek in de praktijk uit, en verdiepen zich zo in regionale vraagstukken. Circulair Friesland/ SPARK gaf drie van hen de leervraag hoe we met mbo, hbo en wo een regio-brede aanpak voor het leren voor brede welvaart kunnen ontwikkelen. Zij kozen voor de focus op het versterken van de verbinding tussen bedrijfsleven en onderwijs. Volgend jaar hopen we een volgende stap te maken en verder onderzoek op te pakken. Hieronder de introductie van hun fantastische resultaat!


In the last decades, our world and surroundings have changed drastically. Rapid progress and

economic growth have resulted in the emergence of new complex global issues. The urgency of

these issues is felt globally by many institutions and companies, resulting in the establishment

by the United Nations of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are the first

framework calling for action and addressing the issues humanity is facing. However, this is just a

first step in the right direction. Global issues cannot be solved in isolation, but ask for a holistic


One approach to addressing these difficulties is through Education for Sustainable

Development (ESD). The goal of ESD is to make more space within education for personal and

social transformation, which allows young people to gain the skills and knowledge needed for

future change (UNESCO, 2023). The youth should be empowered in their development, as well

as the development of their environment.

To spark this transformation, SPARK the Movement is working with education and

companies in the region of Friesland to empower the youth. How can we help the youth

discover locally sustainable solutions to the wicked problems of our time? The Whole School

Approach has formed the first foundation to integrate sustainable learning in and around the

school. However, knowledge and learning go beyond the borders of educational institutions. The

issues of the 21st and 22nd centuries ask for a new approach to education, creating a more

interdisciplinary dynamic work field where skills and abilities can be gained. Companies,

businesses, and institutions are at the core of this change. A broader approach is needed to

strengthen the relationship between educational institutions and other companies and

institutions in the region of Friesland.

Frisian educational institutions have demonstrated their commitment to this goal. Yet, the

process of reforming education is not a simple task. Transformative and collaborative learning

environments require new skills from both businesses, students, and staff, and it is often hard to

create lasting change.

To further explore the possibilities of educational institutions as part of the Whole Region

Approach, a framework that allows for the flow and interaction of knowledge and information

between different local partners, we are working together with SPARK The Movement. In our

research, we aim to address the barriers of collaboration between education and business in

Friesland and to investigate what factors are essential to improve the relationship between

educational institutions and the business world.


The goal of our research is to develop a first building block, focusing on education and

transformative learning environments, of the Whole Region Approach, which will be discussed

further in the paper.

First, our research questions, the methodology, and background of the research will be

set out. Second, a review of pre-existing literature on business-education collaboration will

follow, creating the foundation for our qualitative research. Afterwards, the results and

discussion of our interviews and findings will be presented. Finally, we will conclude by

answering our research questions.


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