Winners Citizen Climate Adaptation Awards 2021

RUG Campus Fryslân • Jojanneke Dierssen
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Students from CSG Bogerman Sneek, Van Hall Larenstein and University of Groningen received their Citizen Climate Adaptation Awards (CCA Awards) on 16 April!

University of Groningen/Campus Fryslân and Wetterskip Fryslân challenged young people between 15-24 years with a competition to think about a society in a climate-proof Netherlands. The climate prize is awarded once every two years to young people who come up with innovative ideas for climate adaptation.

Climate adaptation is an important theme at Campus Fryslân. They developed a Massive Online Open Course with the Centre of Climate Adaptation, ‘Making Climate Adaptation Happen’. Campus Fryslân also started a specialization trajectory ‘Climate Adaptation Governance’ within the Master Cultural Geography. To offer this trajectory, they are not only watching events happen, but also take action on climate adaptation at school.

Dijkgraaf Luzette Kroon from Wetterskip Fryslân: “The climate is changing; we encounter more often extreme rainfall and periods of droughts. Refreshing ideas about climate adaptation are more needed than ever. We challenge the youth to think with about choices we have to make today to make a change for the future.”

The winners
The candidates presented their project ideas to the panel of judges. They could choose from two challenges, ‘the climate resistant city‘ (15-18 y/o) or ‘building a future-proof Netherlands‘ (19-24 y/o). The candidates of 15-18 year old who won are: Jasmine Pasha Fahri, Afke Marij van der Goot en Amarins Tjalsma (1st price), Sanne-Fleur de Jonge en Luna de Jong (2nd price), Sjoerd Jan de Jong, Thijs Dijkman en Nemo Ding (3d price).

The candidates of 19-24 year old winners are: Filip Jankowski, Paolo Parboni en Anthony Simpatico (1st price), Aline Wemmenhove en Judith de Hollander (2nd price) en Hugo Mohr en Gijs Verkooijen (3d price).


Foto: Het Hoge Noorden / Jacob van Essen

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