The future of well-being in Fryslan

Community Bløkhaus • Amarins Schuilenburg

72 students. 5 days. 3 minors, 5 experts from the field giving context to the theme Wellbeing: Buurvrouw en Buurvrouw, Spark the Movement, program manager Vital Regions of NHL Stenden, health insurance De Friesland, and psychology centre Maarsingh en van Steijn. Find all output here!

The Community BLØKHAUS students were asked to brainstorm on the contexts given, related to the Future of Wellbeing in Friesland and designed their solutions from the perspective of their own minors: Business Model Innovation & Leadership, Neuro Marketing, and Future Design Playground. This brought a multitude of perspectives to the table of looking at the problem, choosing a specific problem, and what a solution could comprehend. A perfect opportunity for our unique combination of students to work on their problem solving skills and communication skills.

A full week of Design Thinking, intrinsic motivation and participation of our international partners, the HAMK Design Factory from Finland, led to poster- and prototype presentations from all students. All visitors could vote for the Future Award winner of this week:

This document is a short but proud representation of the end-result of the work, imagination, and expertise of the participating students. The biggest wins are the interdisciplinary experiences, the inspiration for the experts, the process of Design Based Education and building a community together. Of course we are already looking ahead for next semester: heads up for the Future of Traveling in Friesland!

We wish you happy reading!

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